How to Change Download Folder Location in Google Chrome

Chrome Download Folder Location: In this article, We discuss How to Change Download Folder Location in Google Chrome. In the world, Most of the person using google chrome browser for the day to day life to search for online content. By default, the google chrome browser downloads files stored in the " Downloads Folder" on your pc.

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If you like to change the default download location it's possible on the chrome browser. Follow the below steps to change the google chrome default download folder location.

How to Change Google Chrome Download Folder Location

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Browser, In the opening tab right side corner, click on the three vertical dots menu.

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Step 2: Click on the settings menu.

Step 3: Use chrome://settings/ in the browser to directly open the settings screen in the google chrome browser.

Step 4: In the settings screen left side menu section, Click on the downloads menu

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Step 5: In the download setting screen, the Default location path will be shown and have the option to change.

Step 6: Click on the change option to choose the desired folder location you like to store your downloads file folder. In my suggestion choose the alternate drives, don't choose C: drive, because if any issue on pc you need to format the pc means all files will be deleted from the downloads folder and can't be retrieved back.

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Step by Step Change Download Folder Location in Google Chrome Video Tutorial

If you want to choose a different location on every single download, Enable the Ask where to save each file before downloading toggle ON to Enable it, Otherwise Turn off the toggle.

Download Google Chrome Browser

ChromeSetup.exe 1,394kb


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